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WCLOC Theater Company announces auditions for 

Nine (ensemble version)

Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston

Book by Arthur Kopit (adapted from the Italian by Mario Fratti)


Director: Chuck Grigaitis

Music Director: Lenny McGuire

Choreographer: Kaitlyn Ekstrom-Doig


Audition Dates: Tuesday December 12 and Thursday December 14 at 7pm (callbacks Sunday December 17 at 1pm )


Auditions and performances will be held  at WCLOC Theater Company, 21 Grandview Ave. Worcester, Massachusetts


Performance dates: April 26, 27, May 2, 3, 4 at 7:30 PM, April 28, May 5 at 2pm 2024


Synopsis: Nine centers around Guido Contini, a famous Italian film director and ladies man. His last couple of movies have been panned by the critics, and Guido is under pressure to make a return to form with his latest film. However, there is one major problem: he hasn’t written a line of the script and has lost all inspiration. Guido’s professional and personal lives becomes intertwined as he attempts to save both his career and his marriage. His wife, Luisa, threatens to divorce Guido unless he can pay more attention to the marriage, but the director is constantly pulled in another direction by his saucy mistress, Carla, who shows up at the most inconvenient times.

In an attempt to find peace and inspiration, Guido suggests that he and Luisa go to a luxury spa near Venice. However, he does not expect his whole film crew and production team to follow him also. As Guido struggles to find a story line for his film, his mind becomes increasingly preoccupied, and fantasy and reality become inextricably intertwined. Carla arrives from Rome and provides a naughty distraction, while his fierce producer Liliane La Fleur pressures Guido to produce the musical he agreed to. In Guido’s confused mind, the women from his past and present all appear to him, including his Mother, Saraghina (a prostitute), and Claudia, his muse and movie star. As he tries to create a new masterpiece, Guido must face the ultimate decision of life and death




Guido Contini – (male) sexy, passionate film director, in love with his wife and all the women in his past (High baritone)

Guido at an early age – (male) young looking boy between ages of 7 and 12; innocent & full of wonder (Ab below middle C to F, two above middle C)


Luisa Contini – (female)Guido’s wife, a strong, forceful woman, standing by her man (Contralto with strong mid-range: low E to Cb above middle C)

Carla – (female) Guido’s mistress, sexy, naïve, & believes Guido will leave his wife for her (Mezzo soprano: E, two above middle C (+ requires vocal gliss up & down from high C)

Claudia – (female) less naïve, very classy movie star who has outgrown Guido (Alto: E, two above middle C)*the role of Claudia has been cast*


Guido’s Mother – (female) Part angel, part nun who represents the “good” Guido (Soprano – Ab, two above middle C)

Liliane LaFleur –(female)  Shrewd, smart producer & former show girl still caught up in the Guido myth (Alto – low G to B above middle C)

Lina Darling – (female) LaFluer’s mysterious accomplice (No solo singing)

Stephanie – (female) Sexy critic, disturbing, and a nuisance (Alto – up to B above middle C)

Our Lady of the Spa - (female) (Alto – E, two above middle C)

Saraghina – (female) Sexy, voluptuous prostitute (Contralto – strong low G to G above middle C)

Sofia, Maria, Juliette, Annabela, Diana, Renata, Olga Von Sturm – (female) All vocal ranges, solo music and dialogue- play multiple roles

Audition Materials (music with measure notes): 

Audition Music Folder

Sign up for auditions here: 

Sign-up Form

WCLOC is committed to diverse casting and encourages individuals of all races and gender identities to audition.

For any questions, please contact director Chuck Grigaitis at

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